Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Holy Cowbell

So over 300 people RSVP'd - way to go Steve and Adrants for sending some traffic. We shut down the RSVP email for this time, but will send out the info on the next one in a couple of weeks.

Look forward to tomorrow night! We'll post some pics here in case you couldn't make this one.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Rockband Night - May 21st (The details)

Wednesday, May 21st
197 East 4th Street (A&B) #1
(It's at a gigantic apartment)

FREE Beer courtesy of the kind people at Newcastle
FREE Other drinks courtesy of our expense accounts
FREE Music courtesy of your mad Rockband skills

RSVP@mischiefnyc.com or the scary bouncer won't let you in! Seriously!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Clios Excitement

In preparation for our get-togethers I've traveled to Miami to research how the Clio's plan a good party. So far I've just been staring out this window, working. But give it about 3o minutes and I'll have some better research photos.

Free Beer

That's something I probably shouldn't say on the internet talking about a party, but it works for the high school kids. It looks like we've got a beer sponsor to make sure the golden suds are flowing freely.

7 Days to go

The best laid plans! We've all been pretty busy and are still getting a site up. Emily also noticed with that we share a name with a blog (add a C to NY) that looks like it's by a pretty fun guy. Maybe he will come to the parties.